Offer Accepted


Offer Accepted

Highest Price May Not Be Best Offer

Depending on your circumstances, the highest price may not always be the best price. In any real estate purchase and sale agreement (REPSA) there are numerous factors to be considered. Some of these are:

Regardless of the terms and conditions of the offer you receive, trust that I will be by your side to evaluate every offer and help you determine the best route to achieve your real state goals.

Negotiate The Winning Way

Although a win-win situation is ideal, it is my job to negotiate for you an agreement which leaves you thoroughly pleased with my services. To avoid my competitors learning my negotiating techniques, I won’t disclose them here but happy to discuss them with you when we meet.

Mutual Acceptance and Earnest Money

Mutual acceptance occur when both buyer and seller agrees to the terms, and sign a legally binding contract specifying those terms. Deadlines contained within the agreement usually start on the date the agreement was mutually accepted.

Earnest money is a deposit made to the seller to represent the buyer’s good faith to buy the home. Thus, generally the larger the deposit, the stronger the offer is.


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