Deciding to Sell


Deciding To Sell

Why Are You Selling?

Before anything else, it’s a good idea to sit down and clarify your motivations and draw up a basic time frame for the selling process. Being clear about your intentions for selling will make it easier for me to determine the most appropriate option for your specified financial lifestyle, and real estate goals. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to…..

Is Now The Time?

Although spring and summer months are considered the best time to sell a home, statistics show that the first half of May has highest selling prices and lowest time on market.  However, there are many micro and macro factors that can influence how quickly your house sells, regardless of the time of year. Here is a short list: 

If you need to sell quickly, I can work with you to develop a plan to sell you house quickly for the highest possible price. You might even want to consider selling your home to an all cash buyer. But if you are in no rush, I’ll consult with you and review current market conditions to see if perhaps it is best to wait for a more favorable time to sell you home.


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