About Bryan

From an early age, I have had an interest in real estate. For whatever reason, the idea of owning real estate resonated with me, although as a child, I doubt I could formulate the reason why. These days, I am a huge proponent of individual property rights and strongly believe that owning real estate is one of the best paths toward security and financial freedom.

I find it a great honor when someone decides to work with me to help them buy or sell real estate. Thus, it is my goal to consistently offer you superlative customer service and tirelessly strive to help you achieve your real estate objectives. 

When working with me, you’ll find I:

* Listen With Care
* Speak Truthfully 
* Value Clear and Direct Communication 
* Am Proactive
* Honor My Commitments and Follow Through In A Timely Manner
* Put utmost importance on my fiduciary duty to you. 
Realtor Bryan Vukelich with clients
Bryan Vukelich standing in O'ahu park

Born in Seattle, Wa, I attended University of Puget Sound on a basketball scholarship and graduated with a degree in Finance. Upon graduating, I pursued a professional basketball career – playing one season in Poland. 

Afterward, I embraced the entrepreneur spirit I’ve had since childhood and quickly obtained a real estate license and worked at a boutique full service brokerage firm. Since that time I’ve owned two successful luxury transportation companies (one was rated #1 in Savoya’s nationwide network in 2017) , owned a property management and brokerage company, and also co-owned a real estate syndication company.  

Throughout all this time, I’ve also been a real estate investor – primarily multi-family.  Also, in 2018, my brother and I started a business buying and selling distressed homes in Seattle – Tacoma areas.  But my life is definitely not all business.  In my free time, I particularly enjoy surfing, reading, sitting quietly, and photography.

It has been an interesting path that has brought me to O’ahu.  A path, I’m grateful for, and that has taught me that life doesn’t always go as planned – which can be a beautiful thing.  For I’ve met incredible people, learned valuable lessons, and have made important discoveries.  And one of the most important discoveries is the realization that I truly enjoy serving others. So I’m grateful and honored when you give me the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate goals.  I genuinely enjoy working as a real estate agent, and am here to serve you – Aloha Nui Loa. 

Contact Me

You are welcome to call or text me at 808 354-5772. Or if you prefer, send me an email letting me know how I may be of value to you. I look forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals!


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